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Dental Hygiene and Prevention

Our primary focus is always prevention - keeping your natural teeth healthy so you can keep your vibrant smile throughout life. Regular professional cleanings by our hygienists keep your teeth and mouth immaculate, and help us detect any issues before they become problems. In addition to cleaning, you'll receive flouride treatments, stain removal and sealants from our hygienists, as well as oral hygiene guidance and nutritional counselling, where applicable.

Dental Implants

Used for patients who are missing one or more teeth, dental implants consist of titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone to mimic tooth roots, each one providing the foundation for a new tooth. An artificial tooth is then affixed to the titanium post. Implants offer a comfortable, secure and permanent solution to missing teeth, and they look and feel much like natural teeth, so patients can talk and eat without difficulty. Speak to the Baldwin Street Dental team about whether implants might be right for you.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Missing or damaged teeth can be repaired with crowns and bridges, which are fixed prosthetic teeth that are cemented onto existing teeth or implants. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that can cover a broken tooth or cavity. It’s meant to protect the tooth and look like a natural part of it. A dental bridge involves removing the enamel from teeth on either side of a missing tooth to prepare them for crowns, then two crowns with a false tooth attached in the center are affixed onto the prepared teeth. You need existing natural teeth or implants to support a bridge. In addition to restoring your smile, bridges can prevent teeth from moving out of place (a common problem when a tooth is missing).


Porcelain veneers, which are laid over the front portion of teeth, can re-create the look of natural teeth to either fix broken teeth or improve the look of healthy teeth. Similar to natural enamel, they add strength and structure, but they can also fix shape, colour and spacing of teeth, helping you achieve a picture-perfect smile.


Smoking and drinking coffee, tea and wine, and even aging can contribute to stains on the teeth. Teeth whitening bleaches can safely change the colour of your teeth, producing a brighter, whiter smile. Using whitening trays that are specially fit to your mouth, you can whiten your smile through treatments done from the comfort of your home. Depending on the dental work you’ve had in the past, different whitening options might be appropriate. Talk to Dr. Nguyen about which option is best for you.

Root Canal Treatment

“Root canal” is the name for the soft core of a tooth, made up of nerves and blood vessels, that lies inside the hard enamel and dentin layers. When that root becomes abscessed or infected, the affected tissue of the root needs to be removed in a root canal treatment. When you need a root canal treatment, local anesthetic is provided and the tooth is opened up so the canal can be cleaned, then sealed shut. This procedure lets you avoid extraction and keep your natural tooth.


Whether you’re missing some of your teeth or need them all removed, we can have you fitted with complete or partial dentures. Dentures are custom-made artificial teeth in a plastic frame that fits over your own gums. They are removable but should fit securely. Conventional dentures can only be used eight to 12 weeks after gums have started to heal, but immediate dentures, which are temporary, can be worn as soon as teeth are removed, so you never need to be without your smile. When you decide to get dentures, we’ll take measurements and impressions of your jaw and you’ll get to try on a model before the final dentures are cast.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease is an inflammation of the gums that can affect the tooth and bone beneath the gum line as it progresses. It can even result in a loss of teeth. Tender, red, swollen, bleeding or receding gums, bad breath and loose teeth can all be signs that you might be suffering from periodontal disease. Regular brushing gets rid of bacteria in the mouth, but when teeth are not cleaned, that bacteria can turn into plaque, which eventually becomes a harmful, inflammation-causing tartar—a substance that can only be removed by a professional cleaning. At Baldwin Street Dental, we do scaling and root planing, which involves scraping plaque and tartar off teeth and smoothing the roots to prevent future bacteria growth. In some cases, further treatments, such as soft tissue grafting to restore receding gums or pocket reduction to fix areas where gums aren’t tight enough to the bones, may be necessary. Dr. Nguyen can talk to you about treatment options.

Nitrous Oxide and Oral Sedation

In order to offer patients the most comfortable experience possible during dental procedures, we offer calming and sedating drugs that can be delivered through inhalation and/or orally. If you experience anxiety with dental visits or are undergoing a more intensive procedure, talk to Dr. Nguyen about whether nitrous oxide and/or oral anti-anxiety pills might be appropriate.

White Fillings

Fillings can be unsightly, but white fillings, made of composite (a mixture of plastic and glass) offer an invisible fix for cavities or decay, and help support and protect the remaining tooth. The composite can be custom-blended to match the shade of your tooth, so no one will ever know it’s there. Talk to Dr. Nguyen about options for your fillings.

Digital Radiography

Baldwin Street Dental uses the latest technology to offer the best service to patients. Digital X-rays mean pictures of your teeth, bones and gums can be developed immediately, so we can address any issues right away and send files electronically if needed. And since the exposure time for digital images is less than traditional radiography, exposure to radiation is also decreased 50-80% compared to film.

Oral Cancer Screening

About 4,600 Canadians are diagnosed with oral cancer each year and routine dental exams are one of the primary ways to detect it. The most common signs of oral cancer are having a sore or lump in the mouth, but swelling, bleeding, a red or white patch, loose teeth or misfitting dentures are other symptoms that can be recognized during a dental exam. The Baldwin Street Dental team is trained to look for these symptoms and will be your first line of defense against oral cancer.

Nightguards and Mouth Guards

If you experience dull headaches and a sore jaw, you might be a teeth grinder. Grinding can fracture, loosen and wear down your teeth, or even cause damage to your jaw. Nightguards are designed to protect your teeth from harm caused
by grinding.

A mouth guard, on the other hand, offers protection from forces beyond your mouth. Much like a helmet, a mouth guard is an important part of your equipment when engaging in activities like football, hockey or skateboarding. Falls or blows to the face that are common in these sports can crack, chip or even knock out teeth.

Guards are custom-made, so they fit comfortably and securely, whether they’re for use at night or on the field. Talk to Dr. Nguyen about having a guard made to protect your teeth.